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Salvaged Materials For Sale

Salvaged Materials For Sale

 Instead of throwing out perfectly usable and heritage grade building materials, there is a movement going on to ReStore them!

The majority of our salvaged goods come from deconstruction projects in the Vancouver Area. Each item we have is more than just second-hand materials. It is a piece of our Vancouver Heritage and every sale is helping us to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity and to divert waste from the landfills!

One of our main partners in this Salvage project is Unbuilders Deconstruction, they take Heritage homes apart by hand recovering 97% of the resources! Click here for More information about Unbuilders


If you are hoping to donate your building materials and salvaged materials to Habitat for Humanity; to keep them out of the landfill and to receive a tax receipt Click here to schedule a pickup.


To view our full selection of current Salvaged materials click on this category below, or visit a ReStore near you!



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