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3D Multi-Horse Sawhorse Bracket

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The two customizable sawhorse brackets allow you to adjust to any length, width or height. With a truly innovative design, the 3D Multi-Horse can be assembled and dissembled in seconds. Simply use pull pins to adjust the width, release leg clamps to adjust each leg to an independent height and your plank determines the overall length. Designed with dual-action clamp release handles for increased safety and security. It really is every sawhorse you'll ever need
  • Featured on dragons den and exclusive to home depot
  • Adjusts to any size you need, in 3 different dimensions: length, width, height
  • Includes 2 black steel brackets
  • Includes 4 rubber boots that eliminate any difficult cuts
  • Includes all necessary screws and is ready for use with lumber that you supply
  • Independently adjustable legs are perfect for both even and uneven surfaces

Dimensions: H 16.20 in, W 14.50 in, D 8.50 in