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Dewalt Laser

Available at Abbotsford

Get better productivity on the job with the DEWALT DW089k Line Laser. It has multiple design enhancements and is great for professionals working on residential and commercial applications such as installing cabinets, drop ceilings, chair rails or doors and windows. The DW089K stands apart from other line lasers on the market because it has a second plumb line that forms a 90 degree intersecting line on the floor and ceiling. You won't need to use a second laser because this third vertical beam can handle layout applications, saving time and maximizing productivity. With a track clearance of over 1-3/4-inch, the DW089K can be used on commercial wall layout applications without the need for extra accessories to raise the laser over drywall track. The micro adjust knob provides easy alignment, while the metal roll cage makes it durable. There is an integrated pivot bracket and universal wall mount that works perfectly on acoustical ceiling installation. Steadily adjust the 90 degree layout lines in small increments without nudging the laser to hit a specific mark with the micro adjust knob. The beam is two times brighter than that of the prior DEWALT model, giving better visibility.

  1. 3-beam line laser to aid in 90 Degree layout
  1. 2x brighter diode to increase visibility in bright job site conditions
  1. Built-in magnetic pivot bracket mounts easily on metal surfaces
  1. Accurate to +/- 1/8-inch at 30 ft. for level applications
  1. 1-button operation and control panel for ease of use
  1. Micro adjust knob for precise alignment of 90 Degree intersecting lines over greater distances

Condition: New

One available at Abbotsford ReStore