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Garden Bed Planter w/ Self Watering Kit

Available at Burnaby Enterprise

VegTrug Medium Classic Raised Garden Bed Planter

Description: VegTrug™ Classic raised garden bed planters have a V-shaped trough that makes efficient use of soil, letting you grow deep-rooted vegetables towards the center and shallow-rooted herbs and vegetables closer to the sides.  The planter is 80 cm (31.5 in.) tall, a height that lets you work comfortably whether seated or standing.  The centre of the trough is nearly 41cm (16.2 in.) deep, stakes can be used to support tall or heavy plants.  The slats used for the sidewalls are spaced to ensure good drainage and soil aeration, and soil is contained with an included pre-formed fabric membrane liner.  All the wooden components are 100% FSC sourced sustainable plantation-grown cedar wood and have a food-grade finish.  

The Self-Watering Accessory Kit is an innovative yet simple self-watering system compatible with the Medium Classic VegTrug planter. A large reservoir that fits snuggly in the bottom of the Medium Classic VegTrug, the water is then drawn from the reservoir up directly in to the plant roots. This gives the best results as it allows crops to draw water up at their own pace and eliminates the risk of overwatering.


  • Includes a self-watering kit
  • Outdoor use only
  • Wood components are 100% FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) sourced sustainable plantation-grown cedar wood
  • Food-grade finish
  • Unique ‘V’ shape allows deep rooted products
  • Internal depth of ‘V’ section is 41 cm (16.2 in.)
  • Plastic feet covers to protect wood
  • Food safe, no harmful chemicals used
  • Keeps product away from slugs and other animals and pets
  • Holds 390 L (13.77 ft.³) of soil
  • Pre-formed fabric membrane liner included

Specifications: 72"W, 30"D, 31.5"H, weighs approx. 75 lbs.

Inventory Count: 1 - Date: Feb.23/2023 - CCB