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Glass fire screen

Available at Abbotsford

Compatible with a traditional masonry fireplace, the decorative and bi-fold Pleasant Hearth Ascot Collection Glass Fireplace Doors have a 1-piece welded frame and a high-heat, powder-coated black finish. Designed as a surface mount, these track-free doors sit outside the fireplace opening against a flat surface and help reduce heat or cool air loss up the chimney by as much as 90% for year-round energy savings. Made of clear tempered glass, these doors have an easy-grip design, open 1800s so you can enjoy a full fireplace view and feature easy-catch magnets, easy-grip handles, thick heat-resistant insulation and hidden damper control knobs for airflow control. The mesh panels located behind the doors should always be closed and glass doors opened when you have a fire going. Simple to install in 3 easy steps, these fireplace doors are ideal for complementing any decor style and are fully assembled.

-High-heat, powder-coated black finish for lasting durability and beauty

-3/16-inch clear tempered glass doors open 180° for a full view of fireplace

-Bi-fold, track-free doors feature easy-catch magnets and 4-inch easy-grip handles

-Easy-open mesh panels help contain sparks and embers

-For masonry fireplaces only not for prefabricated

-Surface-mount design is easy to install in 3 simple steps

Measurements: Approximately 31H"x43W"

Available in Abbotsford Restore