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May 30th & 31st - 30% off your entire order!
May 30th & 31st - 30% off your entire order!

LED Light Up Shuffleboard

Available at Burnaby Enterprise

American Legend Kirkwood 9 LED Light up Shuffleboard

Description: A two for one, the American Legend Kirkwood 9 LED Light Up Shuffleboard Table with Bowling combines two beloved games in one while providing a unique twist to both. The Kirkwoods rustic wood grain finish, grey carpeted gutters and k-shaped legs accent its classic look while the LED light up rails provide a fun, arcade feel. This multi-faceted table comes ready to play for both games. It includes AC adapter to power the LED lighting, 10 bowling pins, pin setter, and surround to prevent pins from falling off of the table for bowling and eight chrome metal weighted pucks for classic shuffleboard.

Please note: There is one spot where the LED strip light is slightly protruding from the side of the board (see images).

Specifications: 24"W, 108"D, 32"H, weighs approx. 180 lbs.

Inventory Count: 1 - Date: May 17/2023 - CCB