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Omega Plastics Inc. Omega 30-inch Christmas Tree Stand

Available at chilliwack

The Omega Christmas Tree Stand has features unlike any other Christmas tree stand. Its patented clamping system does away with troublesome screws making it easy for you to set up your Christmas tree in seconds. Able to accommodate tree trunks under 5 inches with heights from 6 to 10 feet, the Omega Tree Stand uses unbreakable, engineering grade resin clamps that provide 3000% more trunk contact than screw type stands. The unique design allows a single person to lay down the tree, put the stand on and easily tip the tree upright. By having the largest leg span on the market at 30 inches and a height of 9 inches, combined with the unique clamps, the Omega Tree stand provides unsurpassed performance. Disassembles for easy storage. Made in North America. Invented by a woman and is often called the Marriage Saver and the One Woman Stand.

  1. Invented by a woman and made in Canada
  2. no more screws to let you down, unbreakable Nylon clamps
  3. Accommodates trees up to a 10 ft with the biggest span on the market at over 30 inch that helps prevent tipping
  4. Tree goes up and stays up
  5. Collapsible for easy storage, 1/4 the shelf space
  6. Accommodates trees up to 10 ft