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Industrial Straight Electrical Connector

Available at Burnaby Enterprise

Killark-Hubbell Straight Electric Connector, UGRC Series

Description: The ACCEPTOR® UGRC Connector complements UGP/UGR Plugs and Receptacles, as well as Ground Fault Protected UGFI and UGRGF Models. Used with Acceptor plugs, connectors can extend the reach for hazardous location rated portable equipment such as hand lamps. Connectors eliminate the need for user-created corded box mounted receptacles. UGRC Connectors are interchangeable and classified for use with other NEMA bladed type explosion-proof and dust ignition proof plugs.

Industrial Applications: Petroleum Refineries, Chemical/Petrochemical Plants, Oil Rigs & Platforms, Wet/Corrosive Environments, Grain Elevators.


  • Copper-free aluminum (less than 4/10 of 1%) alloy resists corrosion 
  • Electrostatically applied and baked powder epoxy/polyester finish 
  • Dead Front Construction with integral switch – requires Hazardous Rated NEMA Bladed plug for operation
  • Suitable for 14-10 gauge SOOW or similar cable
  • 125 VAC voltage
  • 2 poles, 3 wires
  • Rated for 20 Amps

Specifications: 8.25"L, 2.9"D, 3.7"W, weighs approx. 10 lbs.

Item #UGRC-20231FQW

Inventory Count: 4 - Date: Feb.19/2023 - CCB