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Collated Screwdriver

Available at Langley

3" Collated Drywall & Deck Screwdriver

Description: RIDGID introduces the 3 in. Drywall and Deck Collated Screwdriver. This 1/4 in. AC Collated Screw Gun features a powerful motor that provides 3,700 RPM for sinking screws up to 3 in. Includes: R6791 Collated Screwdriver with Drywall Nosepiece, Wood nosepiece, Philips Bit, Square Bit, Hex Key, two Nosepads, Contractor Bag, and an Operator's Manual.


  • Oversized depth adjustment wheel - for easily countersinking screws at desired setting
  • Lightweight design offers greater ergonomics for extended use
  • Single finger trigger with lock-on button - allows for single or rapid driving applications

Specifications:  16.14"D x 9.76"H x 3.85"W

5 available at Langley ReStore - Posted February 12, 2023 - MM