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Stud Detector with Auto Depth Scan

Available at Burnaby Douglas
RYOBI Whole Stud Detector with Auto Depth Scan
Model # ESF5001
The Ryobi LED Whole Stud Detector is a great product for detecting whole studs behind your wall. The Multi LED's allow you to see the entire stud and not just an edge or centre. It uses Auto Depth Scan, technology designed to determine the thickness of your drywall so you can assess what is behind it.
  • Detects whole studs behind your drywall
  • Auto depth scan technology for accurate assessment of drywall thickness
  • Built-in stud markers
  • Multi LED's for visibility of the entire stud
  • Detects materials (metal, wood, AC wire) behind your wall
  • 2 handed operation for optimized calibration
Inventory: 3 - March 12 - GL