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Trim Casing MDF (6 pc)

Available at Abbotsford

Brand new, white edge, primed MDF trim.

Add warmth and character to any room by applying an elegant seamless feature where the awkward lines of a floor and wall meet. Design an extra dimension of style and grace which is stunning to the eye. Applied where the floor and wall meet to hide any imperfections and to protect the walls from kicks, bumps, and cleaning machinery. Baseboard augment the ornate character of your rooms style. Its styling and proportion is created to work in harmony with other decorative mouldings and details.

 Approximate Dimensions:

Each piece: 84"L x 90.5mm W x 15.9mm D

Also sold by the pallet


Most pieces in great condition (some pieces may have some damage)


Available at our Abbotsford 

01-12-2023 30 Available